Nesco PC6-25P 6-Quart Electric Programmable Pressure Cooker Review

nesco electric pressure cooker
If you have never used an electric pressure cooker before, then the Nesco PC6-25P 3 in 1 is perfect for beginners. It is an easy to use appliance that can pressure cook, slow cook, brown, keep warm and steam.

The control panel has an LED display with soft touch buttons and an 8 hour delay start.

The standard safety features prevent accidents and ensure safe operation for users. It comes with a trivet, removable power cord and a nonstick cooking pot.

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Nesco PC6-25P Specifications

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The Nesco PC6-25P is a 6 quart electric pressure cooker that weighs 13.5 pounds and measures 12.6 x 12.6 x 18.2 inches. Its size fits enough food for four or more, and can be stored on a countertop or in a cupboard. According to the company, its pressure ranges from 5 to 10psi, despite some users who report it reaching 15psi. A one year limited warranty is included.

Nesco PC6-25P Cook Settings

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The control panel has an easy to read LED display with soft touch buttons that include preprogrammed settings for slow cook, brown, warm and steam. For pressure cooking, you can set it to high or low pressure and cook for up to 99 minutes. Once you choose the function, you can set the time in minutes using the High and Low buttons, rather than the time being preprogrammed into the machine. The slow cook function can be set for up to 9.5 hours. You also have the option of delaying the start time by up to 8 hours.

Nesco PC6-25P Safety Features

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The safety features keep the Nesco electric pressure cooker from building unsafe levels of pressure and ensure it won’t operate until secure. With a cool touch lid and handles, you won’t have to worry about accidental burns. The self-locking lid makes sure the unit is secure before cooking begins and that all pressure is released before opening. The pressure safety valve and floating valve regulate the pressure inside the machine during cooking, and automatically release excess pressure when needed.

Nesco PC6-25P Accessories

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A nice accessory is the removable power cord which makes storage easier. It also comes with a dishwasher safe nonstick cooking pot that is made with a durable aluminum alloy that provides even heating. It also comes with a trivet.

Nesco PC6-25P Customer Reviews

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Users love this appliance because it is affordable and easy to use. It is praised for its excellent results with little effort and time required. However, many complained that their unit broke after less than a year of use. Additionally, several customers had trouble getting the company to honor the warranty.

“The reviews here helped me decide to try the Nesco and I am so glad I did!! As a stovetop model user for the past 35 years, I was reluctant to change. After much research and reading the reviews here,I took the plunge.I absolutely love this pressure cooker! It is SO easy to use, literally set it and forget it…(read more here: Nesco PC6-25P Review)”

“What finally did catch my attention – was the serious “early death” rate of these units. If you look only at the number of 5 star vs 1 star reviews – you will notice the ratio of 1 stars is 1 out of 4! That would indicate you have about a 25% chance of getting a defective lemon. Most of the 1 star reviews state the unit just died after a few uses. Many state even the replacement units had problems. To make matters worse – several cite poor customer service…(read more here: Nesco PC6-25P Review)”

Amazon Rating: 3.8


Nesco PC6-25P Pros & Cons

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Nesco pc6 25p electric pressure cooker prosPros:
The Nesco PC6-25P is one of the most affordable electric pressure cookers with many of the same features as more expensive models. It is great for beginners because it has an easy to use control panel with enough settings for multiple uses, but basic enough that it doesn’t require complicated instructions. It reaches high pressure quickly, and is great for people who live in small spaces.
Nesco pc6 25p electric pressure cooker consCons:
The cooking rack isn’t very sturdy – meat has to be carefully placed on it or else it will tip over during cooking. Some users also stuggle with securing the lid. There are definite reliablility issues, especially after the first six months to one year. Even if it malfunctions while still under the warranty, you may have difficulty getting the company to honor it.

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